Beard Benefits Water Will Give You

We have recently seen many people asking the question “will drinking more water help my beard grow”. Here we give you 4 facts about how water can benefit your beard hair.

Is it really worth making sure you’re drinking enough water, or does you your water intake not really relate to the appearance of you beard?

Whether you are talking about drinking water or putting it on your beard, we wanted to give you four facts that may change your mind if you have a dry, brittle beard:

1. Water Cleans

No-brainer right? Let us start with the obvious, water keeps it clean. Washing your beard regularly to remove dirt that may be present, is important. A lack of doing so can lead to a build up of oils and toxins in your beard, due to sweat and exposure. This can lead to problems in the future. If you are using beard products, especially beard balms, be sure to be washing them out daily and don’t just let them sit there. Making sure to shower at least every other day, for best results (this doesn’t mean shampooing 3 or 4 times a week by the way).

2. Cold water is better

OK so we understand that feeling of washing out all your old product and using hot water to do so. Having a soak in the bath or if like us, showering is the way forward right? Although it can feel great enjoying some steam, you will gain much better results from using cool or even cold water (depending on the time of year and weather, we recommend cool). Hot water damages hair and can actually contribute to hair loss.

3. 30% of it’s own weight absorbed in water

Hair absorbs around 30% of it’s weight in the water you expose it to. Showering, walks in the rain and even if you are the type to go swimming are times when it is doing so. The percentage can be higher at times, so quality of water does really matter here. If you live in a very hard water area, then putting in a water softener for your shower may benefit you greatly. So as you can see, it is important to be giving your hair access to the best possible water to help it grow, stay healthy and feel great.

4. Drinking water helps cell functionality

FINALLY the answer to that question, does drinking water help my beard?

Keep in mind that more water equals better hydration, It is important to drink plenty of water daily. When you have properly-functioning hair cells, then your hair grows quicker and will also become thicker, fuller and voluminous naturally. The more cells are hydrated, the higher their functionality is going to be. In turn drinking more water, may mean you can use less beard product (although water isn’t a match for the scent of a great essential oil).

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