Every year we see that new festive beard decoration trend hit the shelves and our news feeds everywhere. From glitter, baubles and now Christmas tree style lights, BUT are they as bad as we make them out to be?….

Each bearded man has his own opinion on these money making stocking fillers, but there is one thing guaranteed to stay the same. The one thing that is for sure, everybody on your friends list is going to tag you in the comments section or drop you a DM with the link.

‘Cheers Auntie Sue, you’re the 10th person today’.

Ok, so I completely understand how annoying it gets when your phone goes off and it’s just another ‘@MrBeard you should get these’ comment. You see your beard as your baby and are proud of how much work has gone in getting it to this point, right?

Are us bearded men just grumpy?

I want to give you my thoughts on these and to see if they really are as bad as we all make out.

Some people seem to see them as degrading and wouldn’t be seen to be wearing them (although I’m sure even the moodiest of bearded men, have entertained the idea and put them on just to please the kids or partner).

I personally think we should look at all the comments from friends & family to wear them, as a compliment. Not only have these people taken time to think of you and your beard, but they have connected with us in the process. With the current vocalising on mental health & suicide, is that such a bad thing?

Wearing these little novelty items, should be seen as a celebration of the beard. You are most likely one of very few on Christmas day able to pull them off (although the bearded man is ever growing in popularity now). Enjoy this chance to stand out more than ever and see the enjoyment it brings to others around you.

If I can bring a smile to any friends, family or strangers (even if it’s just for a selfie) then it’s worth it to me.

On that note, I will be supporting some form of festive decoration this Christmas……..will you?

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