Do you feel that your beard just isn’t growing anymore?

I completely understand where you’re coming from and although the answer may just be that simple, here’s a few things on this that might help you out…

1. Let’s start at the obvious, your beard HAS stopped growing.

Every beard has its optimal length, that’s the genes we are blessed with and nothing we can do other than to keep it looking its best at its fullest point.

2. We all judge our own beards too harshly.

Going from clean shaven to a noticeable length of beard (even just short in size) is exactly that…… more noticeable. Once you hit a certain stage, it does take much longer for you to notice improvements. Don’t stare at it daily and think grow dam you, grow! It will do in its own time (unless we are at point 1 obviously)

3. Audit where and how you’re getting it trimmed.

Is the place you go to actually trained in cutting beards? Or are they more a dad & lad style barber looking for a quick £10 for 10 mins work?
Length in your beard comes from the neck area and this also helps to support the rest of the beard, in turn keeping it neater naturally.
Maybe speak with your barber next time you pass them and ask what they suggest, set an end goal with them that you can both work towards. You’ll quickly understand if they are not the right barber for you (this means staying with the same barber obviously, you’ll get nowhere if you keep cheating on your previous barber.)

4. Grooming routine.

Are you really giving your beard the attention it needs?
It gets bloody hot and greasy in those kitchen doesn’t it and those building sites produce a lot of dust, not to mention those of you working outside in such harsh weather conditions.
I know myself that if I’m on a few day runs of 10/12 hours shifts, I can get slack on washing correctly and applying product religiously like we should be (we all do it from time to time).
But don’t judge your beard after one of these few day runs, it is going to look and feel rough, it’s definitely not going to look neat and straight. If you are going to make a decision on your beard in any way. We suggest to do so after you have gone a few days getting it back to its full health again………you most likely will be but, be sure to drink PLENTY of water. (read more on the benefits water gives your beard here)
Your face is the foundation on which your beard grows, treat it with 100% respect and it will produce the best beard you’re able to grow.

5. Take monthly photos and track your growth.

Use a tape measure and record it. You will see physical evidence down in front of you that it is, indeed growing.
Set a target for yourself whatever that may be, having an end goal you can work towards will help you see the direction you want to be moving towards.
Remember when you were a child and your mum got your hair cut really short for the summer and then you had to grow it back for winter, you had to go through that crap stage where it stuck out at the crown (no matter how much of that cheap green gel stuff you slapped on it)…….it takes time.
We hope some of that has helped…..
Let us know below if you struggled with that feeling or still do? How did/are you dealing with it?
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