The shocking difference and what damage choosing wrong could cause.

Essential Oil:

An Essential Oil is a distillations of aromatic non-fatty tree or plant parts such as blossoms, leaves, roots, bark etc.

These are often more expensive due to them taking a lot more of the natural source to create. Let’s use Rose Essential oil as an example, it can require from 2,000kg – 10,000kg of the rose petals to produce just 1kg of essential oil (this is one of the most expensive examples), this makes it harder to produce regularly at scale.

The scent, colour and texture varies a lot more in EO due to the difference in conditions within growing (e.g. weather conditions, soil grown in). Therefore meaning that certain scents may differ ever so slightly from batch to  batch.

Essential Oils tend to be a lot more potent and due to the pure forms they come in, if not diluted correctly with base oils can cause irritation.

Fragrance Oil:

Synthetic oils are made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product. These man made scents attempt to imitate the natural fragrance of Essential Oils at a mass reduced fraction of the cost, which is the leading reason people choose them. Synthetic oils are also available in a larger variety of smells and have even created new scents that natural oils cannot. What does Californian happiness smell like exactly anyway?

Synthetic products are known to last years without being adversely affected, it is imperative to realize that synthetic fragrance oils usually contain a number of toxins: Benz-aldehyde, benzyl-acetate, propylene glycol and sulfates to mention a few.

On the whole, there are dozens of commonly used chemicals in these products, 95% of them obtained from petroleum by-products.

Petroleum jelly and mineral oils are by products of petroleum production. They are not of natural, botanical origin.

Mineral oil is used in baby oils and a lot of commercially available moisturisers because it is an oil that is inexpensive to manufacture. It and petroleum jelly, however, can clog pores, prevent the skin from breathing naturally, prevent Essential Oil absorption, prevent toxins from leaving the body through the natural process of sweating, they can be absorbed into the body and block vitamins from getting properly utilized by our bodies.

Synthetic fragrance manufacturers must add toxic solvents to make their synthetic fragrances spread and stick to the skin. This causes the smell to persist for hours or days or months, so you get a long lasting scent but at what cost? (I’m not talking monetary costs). You get a longer lasting effect but at the cost of unhealthy chemicals.

More than 60% of what we put on the largest organ on our body (our skin), gets absorbed into your blood stream, unlike your kidneys and liver that act as your body’s filter, your skin has no filter whatsoever.

80% of fragrance formulations on average are comprised of these possibly harmful artificial chemicals and in some cases, 100% of a formula can be synthetic.  They can trigger allergic reactions, migraines, asthma attacks, nausea, eczema, and a whole world of other health issues.

Some of the worst compounds can cause infertility in men!!!

‘Trade secret’ laws allow companies the power to in affect hide the worst offenders and to not actually list which ingredients exactly have been used. This means you may find the term ‘Parfum’ used on a lot of ingredients lists, mainly on products that do not contain 100% organic and natural oils.

Unlike the anti-microbial properties that some Essential Oils have, synthetic oils not only lack containing this, but bacteria have proven over and over again that they can mutate to form all kinds of resistant strains of ‘superbugs’ to outwit the synthetic antibiotic products scientists create in labs. Natural, Essential Oils have never created a superbug, and scientists are now turning to Essential Oils to fight these dangerous bacteria because they realize that the best way to fight this natural problem is with nature. Aside health issues the biggest drawback of a synthetic fragrance oil vs a natural Essential Oil is that the manufactured scent does not contain the therapeutic properties of their counterpart plant based Essential Oils, thus the true benefit and purpose of aromatherapy is lost. The synthetic version of any Essential Oil only attempts to mimic the aroma and not the medicinal properties transferred from the plant material itself. So you’re getting a nice scent and nothing else.

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