How to Grow a Fuller, Thicker Beard Quicker.

At The British Bearded Baby, we aim to provide the best tips and knowledge available when it comes to beard grooming. So that you or your loved ones, can get the best results from their daily routines.

That been said, we want to advise on one of the recent issues we have seen many of you asking about. Growing a fuller, thicker beard quicker.

Now let us start by stating a few points here. There are many factors outside of your control which can contribute towards a thicker beard. Age, genetics and health, are all big contributors that will help in time, although you can do your best to control the latter (we will explain a little more later).

Some men are genetically wired to have thicker and faster hair growth, while the older man will normally have more matured follicles (in most cases anyway). So if you are lucky enough to be 18 and worried about the lack of thickness to your beard, don’t be. If you follow these few steps along the way, you will putting yourself in the best place to get there ‘quicker’ in time.

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Preparing your beard

Before you start implementing any of the following tips, we strongly recommend not touching your beard for the first 4/6 weeks. The first stages of growing your beard are vital and you don’t want to be trimming it at all.

You can read our secret tips here on the early stages of ‘baby faced to bearded.’


Growing a fuller, thicker beard quicker

Now that you have passed the 4/6 week period and are now supporting a great healthy base. Start getting that thicker beard by using the following tips.

1. Eating correct

A healthy diet filled with vegetables, fruit, nuts (not the chocolate covered type tho) and protein. The vitamins and minerals your body needs, can be gained from vegetables and fruit, while protein contributes towards keeping your beard looking healthy.

When it comes to choosing exactly which of these to be eating, all vegetables are fine but when it comes to your proteins you’ll need to be a little more specific.

Some examples of where to be looking:

  • Protein – White-meat (Poultry), Eggs, Seafood, Soy and Yoghurt.


2. Sleep

Getting your full seven or eight hours sleep whenever possible, will help to lower stress levels and prevent hair loss.

While sleeping the levels of growth hormones in the blood increases. These hormones help to increase hair growth and cell reproduction, so be sure to get your head down and grab a good nights sleep.


3. Keep fit

Let’s use that energy from your seven to eight hour sleeps and put it to good use. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean competing in worlds strongest man (although have you seen some of those mean looking beards).

What me mean is get the blood pumping, good blood circulation helps to give hair nutrients it needs to grow. Exercising on a regular basis increases testosterone, which is known to promotes better hair growth.


4. Maintaining healthy skin and beard

Making sure that you are washing your face regularly and ridding it of all that daily build up of grime.

Don’t forget to use slightly warm water only, too hot or cold and you’ll be doing more damage than you realise.

Keep your skin and beard moisturised, this doesn’t mean using that cream you use for your face or head. Grab yourself a good natural beard oil (check the ingredients lists, stay away from putting those containing chemicals onto your beard and skin). Use this on a regular basis to keep them both topped up.

Drink plenty of water, simple yet very effective. Making sure you are consuming your recommended daily amounts of water (somewhere around 3 litres) will go a long way. Water helps to flush out harmful toxins in your body which hold back your beards style. Your skin will be more hydrated, which means a healthier foundation on which your beard can grow better.


There you go! Four very simple tips, that if implemented daily should help you grow a fuller, thicker beard quicker.


Have a Great Day

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