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‘Start growing a beard. Baby faced to bearded, tips on growing the best beard you can.’

Growing A Beard – The Secret Tips You Need To Know:

Growing a beard may start for many different reason, it could be the ‘I’m too lazy to shave life’, the ‘I refuse to shave daily for work’ attitude, a carry on from Movember or just that you forgot to shave one day and went with it.

Whatever the reason you started or are thinking of doing so, here are a few tips to help you set about growing the best beard ‘you’ can. Each and every beard is individual, meaning some tips may benefit others more, but implementing the following into your daily routine will give you the best chance of getting through those first few months.

It starts from day 1:

Yes, that’s right. FROM DAY 1! ‘But I don’t have a beard to take care of yet’ don’t worry we hear you. Starting to care for your beard before those hairs brake through the skin, is going to make it so much easier believe us.

Let’s start with washing, seems simple and easy right? Well as you are wanting that amazing beard to grow, you need to be providing it with the best foundation for it to do so on….healthy skin. Try not to use water that is either too hot or cold when washing, drastic temperatures will cause your skin to become dry a lot quicker and trigger that itchy feeling a lot more. Also we recommend not to use standard hair shampoos and conditioners, these just are not produced to be used on your face or beard. Wash your beard with the correct products 2/3 times a week (this will vary person to person, depending on age, health and natural skin/hair type) e.g. wash, rinse, rinse, wash.

Oiling/moisturising – keeping your skin and those hair follicles hydrated, will help will an easier growth. Yes, this is already where you can start to use beard oil (our Silence beard oil was blended for the early stages of growth, helping to soothe irritation and redness caused by new hair growth), the ingredients in these products have many health benefits. Most good beard oils will contain base and essential oils that can help with soothing irritation, as well as providing all the natural vitamins your skin and beard need to grow healthy. A few drops a day, will go a long way.

Brushing – this is a key part to training your beard. Yes, training!! Using a boar bristle brush (you know, those brushes that look like the old brush your grandad use to polish his shoes with) on your face gently, will help to remove grime from the hair follicles, stimulate the blood circulation to these areas and also train the hair to grow in this direction you are wanting it to do so (this helps minimise the chance of ingrowing hairs also).

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Once you have that stubble base:

DIY trimming – TRY TO STAY AWAY FROM DOING THIS! If you haven’t gathered by now, the first stages of growth are your most important if you are going to get it right. Go see your local beard barber specialist & let them shape for you,  it WILL pay off in the long run (although we recommend trying your best to get to the 4/6 month stage before doing so).

Keep implementing ALL of the above stages!!

Hands/stroking, now that you have that visual base beard. It can be hard not to stroke/touch your beard with your hands, (this is something I personally still struggle with myself) your hands and fingers will only pass dirt and grime onto your face/hairs more. If you really struggle with fighting this urge, then remember that brush you are going to get (the boar bristle one), take that with you or get a small moustache & beard sized comb (pocket sized and easy to carry) for using instead of those naughty hands.


If you can add these few simple steps into your daily routine, you will be well on your way to growing the beard you desire, with much more ease than you imagined. It still won’t be a Breeze (selfless plug), but you’ll no doubt feel the benefits for sure.

Have a Great Day.



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