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Dan Bridges – Founder of The British Bearded Baby LTD


Growing A Long Beard – Starts At The End

Most of us set out with the aim of growing the biggest, longest beard that our genetics will allow us. But only few make it past the early months (is this you? read our tips on beating the early stages here) and those who do sometimes forget to care for what they first grew.

OK, I hear you saying “I do look after my beard, I use products daily”. That is great, you are well on your way to becoming a great beardsman…….but let me explain a little more.

No matter how long your beard currently is, the longest part of your beard is the oldest. Meaning this part is the most damaged, it has gone through the most combing and brushing. It has also been exposed the longest to harsh weather conditions and greasy burgers (vegan options obviously included).

When applying beard products, we tend to apply from the sides down. Now yes this does work clearly, as many people do it this way.

But how about starting with the oldest parts first and working your way up instead?

This method can be implemented to all areas of your beard routine, from applying product to combing out those tangles.

When applying product, starting with the ends to make sure you are providing the nourishment needed for healthy growth to continue. This should also help to minimise chance of split ends occurring. Depending on what type of product is used, your body will absorbed a very high percentage of it, so make sure to be applying where it is needed.

Next, when it comesĀ  to combing or brushing your beard you want to be doing this to not only straighten it out, but to also evenly spread products through your beard. I suggest starting this from the bottom up.

Why from the bottom?

If you have a bit of length to your beard already, then pulling your comb from the side burn area to the ends is a long way. Image trying a knot in the middle of a long bit of string, to undo that knot you have to pull a lot of length through to get it undone. The same goes for you beard hair also.

Working from the bottom and making sure the end sections are knot free, will make a smoother run as you work your way up the beard. Be sure to use the best quality comb or brush you can, as this will also aid with a smoother grooming routine. Combs with hand polished teeth are what we would recommend, as the smoothed edges will snag less and not remove as much of the product you just spent time applying. (check out our collection of combs)

We would recommend finishing off your grooming routine with a boar bristle brush. These will give a finer finish to your beard, making sure to provide the most evenly spread of product.


We would love to hear your thoughts, if this has helped you out or maybe you have found a technique that works better for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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